Biodegradable Pots

We don’t sell or agree with the use of plastic pots, trays or cells for the home gardener. Developed to interface with automatic pot filling machines, automatic seeders and robotic transplanters, plastic pots require sterilisation between sowings and cause unnatural tangling of the roots and transplant shock when planting out.

If not added to landfill, stacks of plastic become a perfect habitat for slugs, snails and overwintering pathogens to grow and multiply often leaving the home grower to reach for yet another poison or cure. For those growing without the aid of machines and sterilisation plants, our biodegradable and thin-walled Coco Coir Pots are a far better option.

Our thin-walled Coco Pots are 100% biodegradable and designed to be planted with the plant in a prepared hole in the garden where the roots will grow freely through the wall in the direction nature intended. Seedlings also benefit from the nutrient boost and the addition of organic matter from the decomposing coir pot. No mess, no fuss, less work and most importantly no transplant shock or growth check. Unlike peat pots, our Coco Coir Pots are 100% sustainable. They are not as susceptible to mould and will resist turning into a soggy mess before planting time which are attributes of the paper pulp variety. Our products and packaging are supplied plastic-free.

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