Chilli Growing Kit


Start growing your own chilli peppers with Grow Sow Greener's ever-popular Chilli Growing Kit. With Organic Pepper Hungarian Hot Wax, Basket of Fire and Organic Pepper Habanero Orange seeds, you'll be adding a little extra heat and exceptional taste to your home-cooked dishes in no time.

Our 30-piece grow your own chilli kits contain untreatedGMO-free seeds, and are packaged plastic-free and include free companion plant seeds for your garden- so they make perfect eco gifts for a green-fingered friend.


Grow Sow Greener's 30-piece complete Chilli Growing Kit contains everything you need to get yourself, or a loved one, growing some of the hottest and tastiest chilli plants available to the UK's climate. Perfect for those who take satisfaction in cooking with fresh homegrown chillies from seed.

Ideal for beginners, children and green-fingered gardeners alike, this kit contains all you need to get started growing your favourite chillis today.

The varieties included in this growing kit have been selected to give you everything you need. Find Organic Habaneros for the scorching heat, Hungarian Hot Wax (organic), one of the most versatile and useful chilli peppers in the kitchen and a true culinary heavyweight and the Basket of fire chilli plant which is a smaller variety and well suited to a kitchen window sill.

We are sure this careful selection, coupled with equipment and supplies designed and tested, will boost your success and bring joy and heat to your homegrown dishes!

As always, our seeds are untreated and GMO-free, while our products and packaging are plastic-free. Rather than laying on damaging and expensive plastics and inks, we've kept it eco friendly, opting to pack this kit with value and quality where it's needed most: inside the box and on the price tag!

Our chilli growing kits include:

  • 3x varieties of seed
  • 1x 6cm netted seed starting disk
  • 2x 4cm netted seed starting disks
  • 3x 8.5cm biodegradable thin wall coco coir pots
  • 3x coco soil disks to fill your pots
  • 12x wooden plant labels

Your varieties

Organic Pepper Hungarian Hot Wax

We chose this hot pepper as it's perfect for the UK climate! Beautiful, fast-growing and compact, you will be picking medium-hot peppers all season long.  Hungarian Hot Wax is even suited to growing on a windowsill or under lights inside. The fruits are thick and waxy and most prefer them green at around 5 or six inches long. Either leave to ripen red for a sweeter flavour, or remove seeds to reduce the intensity, these chillis are extremely versatile and a favourite here at Grow Sow Greener. Try them grilled, pickled, dried or stuffed, or simply as they are to spice up your favourite dish. Their flavour is excellent, and unlike some of our other options, they won't blow your head off!

Organic Pepper Habanero Orange

The easiest and most prolific of the habaneros to grow. Organic Habanero Orange plants are pretty and produce bountiful crops of smallish (2.4 x 4cm) wrinkled fruits of exceptional heat and flavour. Habaneros have a distinctive, fruity flavour and are excellent in the kitchen. “Enjoy” them raw or include in any spicy dish for an authentic kick. For the same exceptional flavour with reduced heat, skewer the pepper before adding it to your sauce, remove the whole pepper once you have reached the desired level of spiciness.

Basket of Fire F1

A perfect choice for the UK climate, Basket of Fire Chilli Plants are well suited to cooler growing conditions. Producing a stunning crop of medium heat chillies, our Basket of Fire Pepper Seeds grow into beautiful, vibrant chilli plants that will brighten up any windowsill, patio or bed. GMO-free, untreated and hand-picked for quality, your plastic free package includes free marigold companion plant seeds.

Biodegradable pots

Our thin wall coco pots are 100% biodegradable and are designed to be planted with the plant in a prepared hole in the garden where the roots will grow freely through the wall in the direction nature intended. Seedlings also benefit from the nutrient boost and the addition of organic matter from the decomposing coir pot. No mess, no fuss, less work and most importantly, no transplant shock or growth check. Unlike peat pots, our coco coir pots are 100% sustainable. They are not as susceptible to mould and will resist turning into a soggy mess before planting time, which are attributes of the paper pulp variety. Our products and packaging are supplied plastic-free.

Coco Coir Disks

Our coco disks and bricks are a mixture of a corky cellular material and short fibres. Millions of tiny natural sponges, which closely resembles peat moss, have been simply dried and compressed making life easier and shipping cheaper. Add water and they expand back to their original size. Simple, transportable and an incredibly good environment for the root zone.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

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