LED Grow Lights

Our range of LED Grow Lights have been specifically selected to enable the grower to extend the season by sowing early indoors and grow cuttings. They are also a favourite to grow microgreens, wheatgrass or herbs on the kitchen counter or indoor space all year round, whatever the climate. They will also grow some of the smaller varieties of chilli such as Basket of Fire or Tiny Tim tomatoes indoors.

LED Grow Lights emit rays on the electromagnetic spectrum which, like the rays of the sun, promote photosynthesis in plants. They produce almost no heat, consuming up to 80% less power than metal halide and HPS lamps and are superior to mercury-containing fluorescent tubes in performance and recyclability.

These LED lights are the perfect way to start your plants off early in the spring before conditions are suitable for planting out, resulting in a longer cropping period and more produce.

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