Biodegradable microgreen kit instruction manual

Instructions for use


Firstly we'd like to thank you for your purchase from us here at Grow Sow Greener or on behalf of one of our partners in the urban farming community or on your local high street. Please scroll down for full instructions on how to use your kit.


With this simple grow your own kit you've taken a tremendous and positive step towards a greener future, all the while eating healthier, better and tastier greens! 


Why we support local and home grown produce

Zero polluting food miles Zero plastic packaging


Organic seeds and healthy produce.

No soil depleting inorganic fertilisers or toxic pesticides need be mined from the earth or concocted in laboratories.

And by bypassing these symptoms of global food systems you support this local business, one of our urban micro farm partners or a high street stockist all of whom who help our communities thrive.

Instructions for use

Step 1, Make your soil

Unpack your kit leaving the two disks of compressed coco coir behind.

Slowly pour clean tap water over and over your disks and watch as they grow and expand in front of you. Continue adding water as necessary however 120mls should do it. Your soil should be moist but not waterlogged.

Once they have quadrupled in height and are now nice and fluffy you can take a spoon or a fork (for those not wanting dirty hands) and spread the now hydrated coco soil around the container to form a nice even and flat bed ready for your organic seeds.

Hot tip: The hotter the water the faster they grow!! Hot water from the tap is fine, we do not recommend using the kettle under any circumstances!!

Step 2, Soak your Peas, Sunflowers, Beets and Grains

For best results and faster germination, we advise you soak your larger seeds in cold tap water overnight (or anywhere from 6 to 12 hours) before sowing. You can learn all about this process and why by reading this blog post here

(If using the organic cress or radish kits please skip this step!!)


Step 3, Sow your organic microgreen seeds

Included in your growing kit are enough seeds for multiple harvests packaged in re sealable and compostable zip lock pouches. Simply order refill coco disks and feel free to use pretty much any container you have in the kitchen, cups, bowls plates, some even grow cress in empty egg shells for fun.

Scatter seeds in a dense but single layer evenly across the surface of the compost. We like to leave a "one or two seeds length" between each seed.

There is no hard and fast rule, just avoid sowing so thickly that seeds are stacked one on top of the other.

Step 4, Wake your seeds up from dormancy

Think warm dark and wet. Fill the aluminium spray bottle with clean tap water and generously mist all of the seeds. Replace the kits lid and leave in a warm part of your house outside of direct sunlight. The lid acts as a blackout dome and traps the humidity in.

Remove the lid morning and night (and lunch if you feel up to it) and give your now sprouting seeds a spray.

Continue this daily misting until your seeds have sprouted and have reached the lid.

Grow them, Love them, Nurture them and finally eat them :)

Place your kit (with the lid now removed) in a sunny place such as a windowsill. Don't worry if you don't have access to direct sunlight, they will still grow just fine, they may actually grow a little taller as they stretch for more light!!

Water your kit when the soil seems dry and and you should be harvesting in as little as seven to ten days from sowing your radish and cress and 14 days from sowing your pea seeds.

Harvest with kitchen scissors cutting above the soil line and enjoy however you see fit!


Grow Sow Greeners' guarantee to grow. 

Our organic sprouting and microgreen seeds are lab tested for pathogens, purity and germination.  We personally test all seeds and build our grow kits in house to ensure you get a great product which we stand by. Should you have any issues, hardships or would just like a little more advice please email or call/whatssap 07716797954 and we'd love to help you out! Should we not have any success your kit will be refunded or replaced.