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Mason Jar, lids & Stand Kit

Perfect results the first time used. A straightforward printed advice booklet is included which is exactly what I needed and saves time searching the Interwebs for the correct advice. It's worth paying a little more knowing that the quality is assured, as is evidenced by the packaging, presentation and the products themselves. Thanks guys.

Organic Red Mustard Microgreen Seeds
Bernie R. (Barrow in Furness, GB)

Sure they’ll be fine.It’s about my 4th batch

Organic Wheatgrass Seeds
Bernie R. (Barrow in Furness, GB)

Haven’t opened them
Yet but I’m sure they’ll be fine

Garland microgreen trays

Excellent product and service. Highly recommended!

Great quality seeds

Perfect germination and a high quality final crop. Fantastic service from Grow Sow Greener, they are my favourite seed supplier by far!

Organic Wheatgrass Seeds
Monica P. (Nottingham, GB)

Followed instructions and they began growing roots in 24hrs within 5 days I had wheatgrass with thick blades, they do need space around each seed to grow and a deep container for the roots. These seeds are excellent really healthy grass


Products arrived quickly. Great so far - radish seeds have germinated within a few days and I'm sure they will taste delicious.

Mark your plants

Unless you are a real expert gardener, and I am not, it is easy to forget what a plant you have just planted or seeds you have sown in your garden are called, even more so at the end of the season when they have faded.

Plant labels really help. Now you can stick in a lollipop stick with the name written in biro but they tend to look tatty after a few rain showers, or you can buy white plastic ones that are no good for the environment in the long run, nor do they look very nice because they stick out like a sore thumb amongst the lovely flowers.
Much the best thing to use are slate plant markers.
To be fair they are not the cheapest way to do it, but they will last forever and it is not as if you will need hundreds of them.
They are discreet and blend into the garden and the plants really nicely.
I looked everywhere for them and found some on a site named after a very long river that came from goodness knows where.
Then up popped Grow, Sow Greener and as they said on their website 'A small family run business based in rural South Devon'.
That was good enough for me because it was not far from where I live.
I ordered three packs, they arrived in neat little cloth bags with soapstone pens to write on them with. No plastic anywhere.
So there you are, so far I now have six in use in the garden and now when I sit in my deck chair with a glass of something with a coloured paper umbrella in it admiring my gardening skills and listening to the sounds of bees buzzing around, I know the plant markers are there but you need to look closely to see them.
It's the way to go if you care about these things, as we should.


We buy all our trays through grow sow greener as there always fast shipping and friendly


Perfect grow every time - a real staple for our farm!

Organic Wheatgrass Seeds
ALAN E. (Stockton-on-Tees, GB)

Excellent seed for sprouting i breed budgies and they love it

Excellent germination rate

Have to commends these guys, their seeds are top notch and customer service is first class.

Great quality , my sprouts grow like crazy 😀

I would recommend this tray to everyone who wants to sprout. The best I had so far. Thank U

Coco Coir Brick - 5kg
Evie B.M. (Nuneaton, GB)
Perfect organic compound for growing microgreens

I love this stuff! Organic, easy to use and goes a long way!

Robust and sturdy!

Great tray - used with the reservoir tray - I can see these lasting us for years!


These tasted really good - fresh and crunchy! Will buy again.

Best lights in the microgreen game

Best around. Being an electrician prior I was making my own lights for years but these are sleek and so easy to use. Game changer

Tasted really nice!

My customers were delighted with these Rambo Radish microgreens! They sure do have a nice kick to them!

Lovely quality peas. 🫛

These peas are lovely quality and have sprouted really nicely.

At last as non plastic sprouter!

This is what I've wanted for so long! Thanks so much!

Organic seeds

Excellent organic seeds., easy to grow with v little effort. A good way to get children interested in real food & where it comes from. The companies also v reliable with fast shipping & v good customer service etc. well done!