The Grow Sow Greener approach

Thanks for stopping by. We're a small family-run business based in rural South Devon. As keen gardeners with a dedication to achieving self-sufficiency, our focus is firmly on finding positive ways to impact the planet. To that end, it's our goal to help as many people as possible move away from industrialised agriculture with its soil-destroying chemical fertilisers and dangerous pesticides. Even if the only space available to you is a small balcony or terrace, we believe, as home gardeners, you have the power to effect real change, growing better quality vege at the same time.

At Grow Sow Greener, we believe in back to the roots, regenerative gardening. That's proper gardening, like our elders and ancestors used to do. We work with our local environment, species, soil and our very own saved seeds which, with every season, become a little more tolerant to our microclimates, soil, pests and diseases.

Our commitment on regenerative gardening means we will not sell GMO or treated seeds. Our packaging is always plastic free and we will never sell single use plastic products. No matter what anyone says, burying your plastic compost bag to use as a weed barrier in our flower borders does not constitute dual use, nor is it sustainable gardening - our gardens are not landfill sites. Instead, our borders and beds exist only as concepts while in reality, plants, pollen, insects and animals, water and the chemicals we pour and spray migrate and multiply well beyond the imaginary limitations of a garden fence. That's why we hope you'll join us on our mission to take gardening back to its most basic natural form, the way mother nature intended, with zero plastic, no nasty chemicals and a dedication to regenerative, healthy, planet-friendly growing. 

Back to the roots gardening

While we may feel powerless to change the methods used on an industrial scale, we are committed to effecting a change at the home-grower/gardener level, providing the means and information needed to help people garden like they used to.

There are many long-standing, large garden brands and corporations here in the UK who have capitalised on technological advancements, such as cheap plastic and chemical fertilisers, to accelerate their own growth, all to often ignoring the knock-on implications of this throw-away, habit-changing approach to gardening and the impact on the natural world. 

At Grow Sow Greener, we believe that the home gardening market today is sold the trickle down dregs of industrial agriculture, and that many of the products that are sold to us in bulk are actually more of a hindrance than a help. From plastic pots and trays to pesticides and fertilisers, we find ourselves torn between what we know is good for us and the shiny bottle promising "TWICE AS BIG" fruit and vegetables. In fact, it's not unusual to find gardeners committed to organic growing who are completely unaware that the shiny bottle will kill off the soil web which was converting the manure they spread into a form that can be used by their plants.

It can all seem a bit helpless, but it's our dream to build a brand which will one day counter revolutionise home-gardening and our impact on the earth. We're building our business based on a combination of new and old technologies. It's far easier to grow delicious, organic vegetables and salads than many realise, and with our love of microgreens and sprouting, we want to prove that it's not always necessary to rely on supermarkets and mass-production when it comes to sourcing your five-a-day.

We hope you'll join us for the journey.