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From our greenhouses and veggie patch in South Devon, we have carefully selected only the best quality seeds for you to grow, harvest and enjoy your own produce in an eco friendly manner.

- Tried and tested seeds for successful UK growing conditions

- Plastic free and compostable packaging

- Plastic free gardening equipment

- No poisons, pesticides or chemical fertilisers found here

- Free companion plant seeds included in every pack (excl herb and cucamelon)

- Organic and lab tested microgreen and sprouting seeds and equipment for year round harvests

- Free shipping on orders over £35

- Always GMO Free

We encourage you to save your own seed from our open pollinated varieties building natural resistance and vigour in your very own garden. Treat yourself and the planet today.

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At Grow Sow Greener, we're passionate about growing high-quality, planet-friendly produce as naturally and organically as we can. We use coir and natural materials wherever possible, we say no to GMO and are plastic-free, preferring to know exactly what goes into everything we grow.

As long-term growers of vegetables, salads, microgreens and herbs, we've spent years learning the best methods for creating amazing produce. From garden traditionals like broccoli and kale, to microgreens and sprouting seeds, we're happy to share our knowledge with the world in the hope that more people will start growing their vege.

We use compostable coco coir pots, hemp and coir grow mats, slate markers and paper packaging to ensure our our environmental impact is minimised. And, when it comes to growing health produce, we encourage natural methods to keep unwanted pests and critters away.

On every product page, you'll find top tips and recommendations on how to make the most of your purchases, along with planting advice and growing guides focussed on regenerative gardening that goes way back to the roots.

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Microgreens and sprouting seeds are fun and easy to grow, full of flavour and absolutely packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. So add some to your diet today with our microgreen growers guide.

Covering all the basics including what you need to get started, and a step-by-step guide to growing microgreens in your home, our free guide will have you enjoying the benefits of these delicious, healthy young vegetables in no time.

Natural & Regenerative

Our focus is on back to the roots, regenerative gardening that's great for you and even better for the planet. All of our seeds are GMO-free, untreated and packaged without plastic.

Committed to Quality

We carefully select only the best-quality seeds and growing equipment. We're dedicated to empowering home-gardeners to take control of what they grow and eat.

Dispatched in the UK

We're a small, family-run business based in rural South Devon. All of our seeds are packaged by us according to the HACCP food standards system to reduce any risk of contamination.