The Best Microgreens Varieties for Beginners

Want to grow microgreens but don't know where to start?

Once you’ve decided to start growing microgreens the trickiest part is deciding which to try first. There are so many varieties and possibilities out there, we wrote this guide to help you get fantastic initial results by sticking to the easiest, most forgiving and arguably the tastiest varieties first.

Once you have these entry level microgreens down and your confidence up, we reckon it's then time to start having a play with some of the more exotic microgreen seeds out there. However you’ll find these trusted staples make up the backbone of most commercial and personal growers crop inventories.

organic microgreens pea shoots - karma


What can we say? Delicious, crunchy, succulent fresh tasty sprouts with that sweet pea flavour. The texture screams freshness. They come with tendrils which is a chefs favourite or full leaf for everyone else!

Like all microgreens pea shoots are low in calories and loaded with goodies. They are a great source of all three chemo-protective agents- folate, antioxidants and carotene. Being high in anti oxidants and phytonutrients pea microgreens are a powerful anti inflammatory to boot. Delicious fresh juiced or sautéed in any meal. You would be a fool to overlook these simple forgiving and substantial microgreens from your first foray into microgreens.

Peas are also super simple to grow and great for introducing children to the origins of their food – Just pre soak around 250g of pea microgreen seeds overnight then surface sow on our microgreen specific 1122 trays for a yield of up to 500g of fresh and tasty pea shoots in just 14 days!

organic radish microgreens


The next up are radish microgreens and probably my all-time favourites and we have chosen three of the best varieties of radish microgreen seeds to offer at grow sow greener:

Green Daikon, Pink and green China Rose and the vibrant purple Rambo Radishes are bomb proof to grow, resistant to mould, damping off and even overwatering. These radish varieties they make you feel like a microgreen growing god and make a great confidence boosting crop.

Ease of growth aside, these nutritional powerhouses have high levels of vitamins as well as folic acid and all the minerals required to label them a superfood.

Radish microgreens have big peppery leaves and juicy stems giving you rewarding substantial crops. They pack a delicious peppery punch and add zing to soups salads and sandwiches or as part of other microgreen mixes for sale to chefs and outlets.

Simply scatter 45g of dry (no pre soak) seed over your 1122 microgreen trays evenly and enjoy after only 7 to 10 days!!

Radish microgreens are my favourite and always my recommendation to anyone starting out!

organic black kale microgreens


We supply two types of high germination GMO free organic kale microgreen seeds at grow sow greener for good reason. Tuscan Black Kale which is from the European Oleracea family and the famous Red Russian Kale from the Russo-Siberian family.

These guys are easily grown year round and are super simple. The vibrant pink stems make an eye catching display as well as a colourful addition to any home grow. They are undisputed in their title as a super food and makes delicious additions to soups, smoothies salads and more!

Growing microgreens during the winter is a fantastic and fail-safe method of growing your own organic greens when the garden outside is not at its most productive. Without mitigation the cold temps can sometimes affect the germination of your microgreen seeds however not so Red Russian Kale. This is by far the easiest microgreen crop to grow in the winter boasting an even and consistent germination and growth earning it a spot on the top 5 as well as one of our favourites. A blast of freezing air from time to time can also sweeten the already great flavour!

During the summer months this variety performs as well as the Tuscan which is another bonus and reason you should be growing this seed today!

organic sunflower microgreens


A little trickier to get right but in our opinion it would be criminal not to grow these microgreens often and always!

The seeds are cheap, the crop and yield substantial and the flavour excellent. Commercial growers rate them up there with peas and they make a fantastic base to any salad mix. The stems and leaves are thick, crispy and juicy and gift you with a subtle yet great nutty flavour. Kids love them as a snack, jammed with protein and other healthy goodness - its hard to fault sunflowers as a microgreen!

Unlike the other microgreen varieties in the top 5, Sunflowers need a pre-soak. Simply immerse your seeds in a cup full of room temperature tap water overnight before you sow your seeds (as you would any other variety). Once grown, running your fingers through the canopy will help loosen any stubborn husks still clinging to the leaves and keep your germinating seeds nice and warm and you’ll be growing sunnies like a pro in no time!

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