Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Mix


Grow beautiful, colourful carrots in a range of vibrant colours with our Rainbow Mix Carrot Seeds. A brilliant way to add some variety to your plate and a sure-fire conversation starter at dinner, our Rainbow Mix Carrots are a great year-round crop that are easy to grow and packed with natural goodness. Our Rainbow Carrot Seeds are untreated, GMO-free and hand-picked for quality. Included in the compostable packaging are free marigold companion plant seeds to help you garden greener.


Rainbow Mix is an interesting and delicious variety of carrot to grow. An array of vivid colours, each with a subtle difference in flavour, make a great temptation for the kids and cook alike. Guaranteed to wow and brighten any dish, carrot rainbow mix will mature uniformly and is a great choice.

  • Pack size: 200 seeds
  • Time to germination: 14 -21 days
  • When to sow under cloches: March
  • When to sow outside: April - May
  • Spacing: 10cm +
  • Soil preference: Finely prepared, well-drained
  • Light preference: Full sun
  • When to harvest: July - October

How to grow Rainbow Mix Carrots from seed

To grow long, straight roots, prepare the soil to a fine tilth, removing stones and breaking up clumps. Water before sowing, and do so directly and thinly by mixing with sharp sand gently sprinkled into a trench 1.5cms deep. Spread your sowing over six weeks or so for a long and bountiful harvest without the glut.

Early sowings may benefit from some protection, and seedlings should be thinned gradually to around 10cm.

Once growing, carrots are a great low maintenance crop. Water when needed to stop them splitting or going woody, and pull weeds if you like, leaving them as mulch on the soil surface.

Harvest in the evening when carrot fly isn’t active, approximately 10 weeks from sowing. Water after harvest and discard tops far from your remaining crop.

What to feed your carrot plants

Carrots enjoy a slightly acidic humus-rich and free-draining soil. Skip the manure and opt for a handful of fish blood and bone, plenty of organic matter (which also helps retain moisture and provide humus). Add some volcanic rock dust and kelp powder to give them a rich, balanced and diverse diet for strong organic growth released over the whole season.

Keeping pests away

Carrot fly is most destructive in May to October, and as such, there is little getting around this pest. Ideally, cover your crops with a mesh to physically exclude the carrot fly, although this isn’t always practicable. When harvesting or thinning seedlings, do so in the evening when carrot fly is not around, and remove the attractant tops far from your crops. Predators have evolved to spot vast swathes (rows) of their favourite monoculture, so sow smaller numbers of carrots in different locations, interplanted with garlic, onions or marigolds to disguise the scent. You may lose some, but others will thrive in their place. This also makes crop rotation (which should be done yearly) a much easier job.

Grow Sow Greener is a regenerative gardening company advocating back to the roots tried and tested methods. We don’t advocate the use of or sell any extremely profitable pesticides, herbicides or inorganic fertilizers. They are detrimental to the health of your entire garden ecosystem from microbe to mammal. When ordering Rainbow Mix Carrots from Grow Sow Greener, we would rather include free, loose in your pack, marigold seeds which will deter nematode attack and attract beneficial insects to your plot.

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Shipping & Delivery

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